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The author is a former Fulbright scholar, and has taught in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. Critical Response The author is known for his work on the history of psychiatry and the use of psychiatry as a tool of imperialism and nationalistic violence. In 2008, the New York Review of Books published the full text of the author's book, Anjos Proibidos: The Ultimate Devourer (Versão brasileira original de Os Anjos Proibidos: o mais poderoso devorador), translated by Daniel Schmid-Justi. According to the Jacket Copy: "What began as a historical survey of the relationship between psychiatry and American racism and imperialism has taken a different direction in this new book, which reveals a surprising amount of complicity on the part of psychiatrists and other mental health professionals in the confinement, torture, and abuse of blacks by the American justice system in the 1960s and 1970s, and the creation of a new psychiatric category of 'delinquent adolescent.' The time, however, has come to read this book not only as a history, but also as a warning that psychiatry, while it may well have helped to ease the suffering of the mentally ill, may also have been instrumental in the creation of an increasingly cruel and oppressive environment. Although the author regards the psychiatric profession as not responsible for the prison conditions, his purpose is to expose the complicity of mental health professionals in perpetuating the confinement of black males in the United States. He convincingly demonstrates that to maintain one's sanity it is necessary to deny and ignore what is happening around oneself." History In this book, the author's main contention is that the US judicial system incarcerates and abuses black men because of the perceived threat of black male behavior to the social order. The rise of the 1970s prison population was determined to have its origins in the increasingly prevalent and widely publicized crime waves of the 1960s and early 1970s. The prison population continued to expand in the 1980s and 1990s. The author states that the historian's job is to uncover the origins of the prison crisis, and he is interested in the history of psychiatry and its relation to the prison system. He writes that his reading and knowledge of the medical profession is limited to medical students and articles in peer reviewed journals and magazines, as well as general psychiatric literature. While in the United States, the author was informed by visits from many men who had been incarcerated,




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Anjos Proibidos Download Latest
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