What You Need to Know About UPF Fabric and The Benefits It Provides

Did you realize that 33% of the American population suffer from sunburns annually? Not only can sunburns be painful, they can also cause long-term damage to your skin. Wearing sunscreen and the right type of clothing is crucial if you want to protect yourself and your children from harmful UV rays.

Using clothing that is made from UPF fabric is an excellent way to keep your child’s skin protected from dangerous UVA and UVB rays. If you want to learn more about this fabric and the benefits it can provide, check out the useful information below.

Deciphering the Meaning of UPF Ratings

If you have ever bought a swimsuit for your child made from UPF fabric, you probably noticed a number rating assigned to them. This rating is designed to let consumers know exactly how protective the clothing in question is. Knowing more about these ratings can help you choose the right UPF clothing for your children and yourself.

The UPF rating is very similar to the sun protection factor (SPF) rating system used by sunscreen product manufacturers. The rating assigned to UPF fabric is designed to show how effective it is at blocking both UVA and UVB light.

A UPF rating of 15 to 20 is considered good, while ratings of 45 and higher are considered excellent. Investing in clothing that is UPF 50 is essential when trying to keep your child safe on a day at the beach or when they are in the yard for hours on end.

What Factors Enhance UPF Ratings?

Not only will you need to look at the UPF rating before buying clothing for your child, you also need to consider factors like the fiber type, overall construction and the color of the garment in question. Typically, clothing that is darker will absorb more UV rays, which means you need to avoid it. Ideally, you want to choose fabrics that are brightly colored.

The type of fabric should also be one of the top concerns you have when choosing UPF clothing. Fabrics like nylon and polyester are known for their abilities to disrupt UV light. Many clothing manufacturers add various chemical treatments to their fabrics to enhance their UPF rating. The more you know about the clothing in question, the easier it will be to make the right purchase.

Working With a Reputable Supplier is Crucial

In-depth research is a necessity when trying to find the right supplier to buy clothing made from UPF fabric without dealing with headaches in the process. Ideally, you want to choose a supplier that has a reputation for being both trustworthy and willing to go the extra mile for their customers. With some online research, finding the right supplier of children’s clothing that is made with UPF fabric will be much easier.

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