What is UPF 50+ Swimwear and Why is it Important for my Kids?

Summer is coming, and so are those harmful UVA and UVB rays. A painful, blistery sunburn can ruin any vacation, and delicate baby skin burns quicker than you think. Sunscreen is great, but sometimes wrangling your toddler to apply it every 80 minutes is more than a little difficult. That’s where UPF 50+ swimwear comes in – but what does that even mean, and what’s the difference between your SPF 50+ sunscreen and your UPF 50+ swimsuit?

What's the Difference between SPF and UPF?

Sunscreen and UPF swimwear are best used together to completely avoid that aloe pharmacy run, but they both protect your kid’s skin differently. Sun Protection Factor (SPF), like in your sunscreen, measures the time it takes for your skin to redden when exposed to UVB rays. What the SPF rating of your sunscreen doesn’t take measure is UVA rays, which make up 95% of the sun’s rays and penetrate deeper into the skin than UVB. On the other hand, Ultraviolent Protection Factor (UPF) tells you how much total UV radiation (both UVA and UVB) a fabric lets reach your – or your toddler’s – skin. For example, a UPF 50+ swimsuit blocks 98% of harmful rays and allows 1/50th – or 2% - through, which significantly lowers your risk of burning on that beach vacation.

Keeping your kids burn-free this summer doesn’t have to be intimidating. Investing in UPF 50+ swimwear, reapplying high SPF sunscreen and keeping your kids shaded can be the difference between a fun day at the beach or pool and a painful sunburn. Play safe out there this summer!

Our Recommendations for UPF 50+ Swimwear

When it comes to UPF fabric, more coverage = more protection. We offer a range of long-sleeved styles in Boy's and Girl's styles to protect vulnerable baby skin.

1. Gators Sun Shirt and Trunks Set - $49.50

2. Cowabunga Long Sleeve Swimsuit - $44.50

3. Neon Tie Dye Sun Shirt and Swim Bottom Set - $39.50

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