Tips For Tackling A Family Beach Or Pool Outing

As moms, we constantly look for ways to improve our children’s experiences while keeping them as safe and secure as possible. While this can be difficult at best inside the walls of our own homes, it is definitely a challenge when we step outside into the world. Never the less, outside we will go, eagerly seeking the fresh air and endless adventures that await.

We have learned through trial and error, and many times from other moms, how to approach certain family outings like strolling to parks, tackling playgroups, and maneuvering favorite eating spots. But when it comes to spending time at the pool or beach, we easily become overwhelmed at just the thought of planning a safe and happy day. Fortunately, Tidewater Tots has collected a few cool tips for pool and beach days that will keep you cool and your children happy.

Food For Thought

Snacks matter, and packing for a day in the sun, much less around the water, is a different ball game than any other outing. Packing your goodies smartly will help ensure that they stay edible throughout your day. Keep food packed in a separate cooler than your drinks, food with ice packs, drinks with ice. Soggy sandwiches are not what you want to see when it’s lunchtime, and keeping cool food away from ice will help keep it fresh and tasty. Rethink your portions, divide chip bags into smaller zip bags, cut sandwiches into four pieces instead of two, all easier to hand kids who are on the go as well as keep wet fingers from soaking the entire meal.

Made In The Shade

Anticipate zero shade options awaiting you at the beach or pool. While many places provide umbrellas or awnings for people to use, it is better to arrive prepared. There are countless personal shade options that can be easily thrown into your pool bag such or attached to your chairs. No need to struggle with the huge beach umbrella that never stays put, opt for simple single shade solutions that provide your family with quick relief from the sun’s rays. You will be able to stay longer and have more fun if you have a break from the sun.

Suit Up

What your children wear to the beach makes all the difference in their experience and your sanity. Swimwear that is ill-fitting or aggravating to your child will cause them to become agitated and ultimately ready to just go home. Tidewater Tots was born for just such occasions, providing comfortable tumble proof, high-quality children’s swimwear that stays in place all day long. All made in America of UPF 50 materials, our swimwear brings you peace of mind and your child endless comfort. From romps in the sand to jumping into the pool over and over again, your child’s swimwear is there to protect them from the elements as well as afford them the ability to have fun.

So go for it! Embrace all that the pool and beach have to offer your family!

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