Teaching Skincare Routines To Children

As adults, we know how important it is to take care of our skin. As the largest organ of the human body, our skin creates a barrier between our bodies and the environment’s harsh elements. Taking care of our skin not only improves how we look but also keeps us healthy. This is why, as parents and caregivers of children, we do all we can to protect their skin as they grow. Even though children’s skin is more resilient than that of adults, it is essential to teach them how to care for their skin early.

Teaching children good skincare habits can begin much earlier than some may think. The earlier a child starts to take their skin, the fewer frustrations they will have as a teenager when skin problems arise. Early lessons on how important our skin is to our health and how we can contribute to keeping our skin healthy instill the idea that we are caretakers of our bodies.

Children Ages 2-5

Generally speaking, when a child begins walking on their own and developing more effective language skills they begin to learn how to take care of themselves by performing routines such as dressing, brushing their teeth, and bathing independently. When a child shows interest in such things, it is good to teach them to begin healthy skincare habits.

This can be as simple as teaching them the importance of washing their hands and face. Fun washcloths or soft washing items can help make this time feel more enjoyable for a child and make a game out of routine. Even gentle, lightweight lotions and creams can help to create a positive response to skincare.

Sun Exposure

However, cleanliness is only one part of a healthy skincare routine. Keeping our skin safe from sun damage is vital to our overall health. While young children need not be made to fear the sun and how it affects the skin, they can be taught to keep themselves healthy using sunscreens.

Parents often dread the thought of applying sunscreen to children who are anxious to get into the water or play on the playground. Still, if you make sunscreen application a part of the picture from an early age, you will find that it just becomes a routine practice that your child will quickly adopt.

Tidewater Tots understands that raising children from an early age to protect their skin is an important endeavor. We have taken extra care to incorporate SPF into our swimwear lines to give parents more peace of mind when their children are exposed to the sun. Skincare habits such as cleanliness and safe sun exposure that your child adopts at an early age will likely carry them through adulthood, giving them the knowledge and practices needed to keep their skin healthy.

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