Protecting Your Little Ones … In Style!

This year, more of us are looking forward to the summer in specific ways. If you feel like this winter has been a dark, dreary time, you're ready for the surf, sun and sand of a coastal summer season! You might already be poring over the booking schedules of your favorite beach spots…

We’re there with you. At Tidewater Tots, we are eagerly awaiting a new summer and a chance to turn the calendar over and start again. Where there were a lot of restrictions and closures last year, we're keeping our fingers crossed that new science and new scenarios are going to mean more people enjoying themselves in the comfort of the summer sun, as we move toward the summer months and into that awesome season.

We have the gear that your little ones will love – summer clothes made with protective fabrics. Our garments come with UPF values above 50, which is equivalent to some of the best-selling sunblock on the market. But instead of rubbing all of that lotion into your child's skin, you can simply dress them and let them run free with a little bit of sunblock for areas like the face and hands or arms and legs.

Forget traditional swimwear – these tumble-ready styles can help your kids get their helping of vitamin D without turning into little lobsters squirming in the sand. We know that the combination of abrasive beach sand and hot summer sun can irritate your kids’ skin, and that goes into our philosophy of design when we look at how to manufacture something different – something that works with all of your snorkels, floaties, and other water gear.

In addition, we make these clothes to look good on the sand and on the sea. As your intrepid swimmers flop onto their boogie boards, or those still learning to navigate lounge building sand castles, they can do so in photo-ready style with the sun protection that they need for blazing summer day.

Tidewater Tots is all about moms helping moms to up their game when it comes to beach trips and summer fun. Take a look at the website for more on how we outfit families from our local Florida shop. You can also read about our commitment to our workers and how we got started – because that stuff matters! Even in e-commerce (some would say especially in e-commerce), it matters who you buy from. We are here for you.

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