Choosing the Best Swimwear for Baby

Wet wear for little ones is about more than just sporting a cutesy outfit. Of course, you want them to look their best but there are several considerations when it comes to ensuring your youngster enjoys their water playtime. From a day at the beach to backyard sprinkler time or indoor swim lessons, what your baby wears will impact their entire experience. With a little planning and consideration, you can make sure it’s for the better. Here’s what you need to know.

Protection and Comfort

Swimwear is about covering baby’s soft sensitive skin to protect it from the sun’s harmful rays. Since you should consult a pediatrician before applying sunscreen to infants, it’s best to choose swimwear made from material that blocks the sun’s harmful rays all on its own. It should be soft stretchy fabric that’s gentle on baby’s skin, so they can be comfortable playing the day away. It also helps to choose swimwear with flat seams and a rash guard to prevent rubbing and chaffing in all the right places. You’ll want adequate coverage in a style that allows little ones to move around without feeling constricted.

Sizing Considerations

Choosing the right size swimwear for children under six can be a bit confusing. Every child is different, and the industry-standard may not appropriately apply to your little one. Most providers recommend sizing your baby according to their age but that rarely offers the best fit. Many babies are larger or smaller than their age due to their shape and development milestones. At Tidewater Tots, we recommend using this convenient sizing chart based on height and weight to get the best fitting suit for your little one. A great fitting swimsuit that protects baby’s delicate skin can be the difference between a great experience playing the day away in the water and a grumpy tike who’s not having so much fun.

Fashion and Figures

You want your youngster to look their best, but you don’t want to overpay for something they’ll probably outgrow before the summer season is up. If your little one is between sizes, opting for the next size up will give you the best longest-lasting fit for your money. Choosing mix and match pieces gives you multiple style options, which is especially helpful if you have more than one child. It also allows you to size each piece separately as all babies develop differently. Sometimes the top grows faster than the bottom or vice versa.

Start with Tidewater Tots

Tidewater Tots offers gorgeous swimwear and accessories made from comfortable UPF50+ protection fabrics ethically made in America. We want your precious little one to look great enjoying their water playtime as much as you want to keep them safe and comfortable. We designed our sun-protective bathing suits to do all three. From sleeveless crop tops and ruffle bottoms to long-sleeve one-piece suits and sun protective hats, Tidewater Tots is your one-stop shop for baby’s water wear.

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