Tidewater Tots was born in 2020 as a ray of sunshine during the COVID-19 Pandemic.  Our existing apparel manufacturing business had slowed down due to our customer base temporarily closing their operations.


At the time, I was a mom of two under two living in Florida, and had been searching high and low for unique swimwear that couldn't be found at the local department store, but wasn't too fussy for my tots that play hard at the pool and beach.  I wanted simply adorable, tumble-proof, American made swimwear.   We began designing right away, and as the swimwear came to life, we found ourselves saying "Oh my goodness, that is SO cute" over and over each day! And so, Tidewater Tots was born.

Our company has always treated our employees like family, and it was important to us to keep them employed during this difficult time, and we did just that with the growth of Tidewater Tots!  We are proud to remain committed to keeping as much of our manufacturing operations in the USA as possible, supporting local families and the local economy while providing adorable and ethically made products.


Tidewater Tots mission is to provide simply adorable American made swimwear for children. Our mix-and-match, tumble-proof, high quality swimwear is always made in America, supporting American workers.

Tidewater Tots, Inc., is a woman owned business.


Tidewater Tots mission is to glorify God by producing quality, ethically made swimwear for children, made in the USA, supporting American workers and strengthening our local community.